Welcome to the Recruitment Movement. Protest the Resume.

Clinchr is the revolutionary recruiting app that showcases people’s diverse skills and talents and connects them to opportunities that create dream careers. Candidates and recruiters can recycle the resumes and start connecting where it counts.

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Be More Than a Resume

Real people aren’t one-pagers. We’re more than a professional network so you can be more than a resume.

Clinchr brings color to the career search with multimedia profiles that break the mold of professional networking. Create a profile that highlights you with images, videos, and interactive content that will help you land your dream job.

Talent Warehouse

Streamline recruiting by creating career tracks that rescue top talent from drowning in the job pool and get the right people hired right now.

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Recruiters can search the Clinchr network for talented candidates who fit the needs of their company from culture to qualifications and invite them to their talent warehouse. Interested candidates can accept the invitation and reveal their contact information to the recruiter. Candidates never feel spammed and recruiters can quickly make personal connections with qualified leads.


Superior Search

Find the perfect candidate in clicks with a seamless search and management that displays the details all in one spot.

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Top talent rises to the surface with the search capabilities of our talent warehouses. Recruiters can filter by skills, location, industry, and experience level and even drill down into more detailed categories to quickly narrow their search from the start. With a single space to track talent and view videos and profile details of potential candidates, recruiters never have to waste valuable time surfing a diluted professional network.


Talent Tracking

Track how your talent warehouses are performing with detailed audit reporting.

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It’s easy to manage multiple talent warehouses and track which candidates accepted and declined invitations. Drill down into the details of those reports with links to profiles and contact information to keep tabs on top talent and optimize your recruiting efforts.


Company Pages

Share photos, videos, and events so culture becomes part of the equation. We make it easy for you to showcase your company so your top candidates are excited to accept invitations to your talent warehouse

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Contact Us

Questions, comments, concerns? We want to know what’s up. We’re open to hearing out the craziest of requests so if there is something you’d like to see from Clinchr or you need gift ideas for your grandma's 80th birthday drop us a line and let us know what’s on your mind.

Schedule A Demo

How can I update my profile?
-Profiles can be updated  by selecting the pencil icons that appear upon hover in the user-profile section
How can I cancel my subscription?
-Recruiter subscriptions can be cancelled by emailing notify@clinchr.co
Do I have to pre-record my elevator pitch?
-We give you options to pre-record your video or you can record directly to the platform with ease.
How do I create a talent warehouse? (Recruiters)
-Talentwarehouses are created by navigation to the Talentwarehouse section and selecting the “Create a Talentwarehouse” option
How do I recruit users to the warehouse? (Recruiters)
-Candidates can be recruited by navigating to the talentwarehouse details and selecting “Add Users”
Can I apply for a talentwarehouse? (Candidates)
-Yes. Candidates can search and apply to talentwarehouses that they are interested in by navigating to the Talentwarehouse module
contact  for notify@clinchr any questions, concerns, or feedback.